• September 18th, 2018
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“Magical flute” feature of Classics @ The Castle

Time Out
Time Out

WINDHOEK Tomorrow evening sees the third edition of Classics @ The Castle with the “Magic Flute” comprising the classical duo Ulrich Busch and Hans Peter Drobisch, who have devised a musical concept that brings forth the beautiful sounds of the transverse flute. Their combined musical prowess allows them to tackle anything written or arranged for flute and acoustic guitar and to add their personal musical touch. It is a meeting of connoisseurs and lovers of classical music at one of the locations in Windhoek that offer breath-taking vistas during sundowner time (17h – 20h) which is the stretch when Magical Flute will be on stage. And the best news is that the event is free of charge – a generous gesture towards Heinitzburg patrons. The programme comprises works by Austrian Franz Schubert (1797 – 1828), Spanish pianists and composers Enrique Granados (1867 – 1916) and Isaac Albeniz (1860 - 1909), Italian guitarist, cellist, singer, and composer Mauro Giuliani (1781 – 1829), French composer & organist Gabriel Faure 1845 – 1924) and Brazilian world music guitarist, percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Celso Machado (age 63).Ulrich Busch - hails from the school of Prof B Hebb from the Hochschule Für Künste in Bremen, Germany, and was taught by Frank Bungarten, Hanover, in the higher art of solo rendition. He attended master classes by internationally recognized guitar virtuosos Manuel Barrueco, Pepe Romero, Roberto Aussel and David Russell. Hans Peter Drobisch – studied solo flute performance at the Hochschule Der Künste in Berlin and acquired the relevant teacher’s diploma. He performed regularly with the Rias Youth Orchestra and later with the Berlin Academic Orchestra. Classics-@-The-Castle-2
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