• November 13th, 2018
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Nambinga says Swapo intent on destroying RDP


Ondangwa Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) president Jeremia Nambinga has publicly called President Hage Geingob a “corrupt leader”, who needs to be prosecuted for destroying the RDP and consequently destroying democracy in the country. The RDP president accused the Head of State of being at the helm of canvassing RDP members through text messages and calling on them to defect from RDP, a move Nambinga says was initiated to confuse the nation into not voting for RDP in the upcoming local and regional elections. Similarly, Nambinga said the canvassing through mobile text messages was aimed at ensuring Namibia becomes a one-party state. “If the RDP is to win elections while I am still alive, Geingob ought to be prosecuted. Why should he have such a campaign during the election month? We fought for democracy, but Geingob’s government is busy destroying it,” Nambinga claimed. He made the remarks at a rally in Ondangwa on Saturday afternoon. Last week he also accused Swapo members of competing with each other to lure RDP members to the ruling Swapo Party with promises of jobs and tenders. Nambinga also criticised RDP members, who recently defected to Swapo, saying they are being used to confuse the voters into not voting for RDP. He said, given the advanced age of those who defected and their lacklustre participation in RDP activities, the defecting members would have nothing new to offer to Swapo. “They also know that they will serve no purpose in Swapo, and Swapo knows it too, but they have taken them anyway to confuse the people not to vote for RDP,” Nambinga charged. He called the defecting members “foolish” people, who have fallen into a trap, arguing that Swapo has neglected its former ministers and also expelled some of its most vocal supporters. “What made you think they will take care of you,” Nambinga asked. The RDP president said his party has not suffered any blow, but he was hurt that people who previously accused Swapo of wrongdoing have re-joined the ruling party: “What the defecting members have done is shameful. What came into their heads?” Nambinga then advised those supporters, who are not sure of their stance in the party and what the party can offer to leave the party. He said RDP’s victory would not be attained in a day, but it is attainable and urged loyal supporters to go out in numbers to vote for the RDP. Nambinga used the same opportunity to present the northern representatives in the upcoming elections. Press Secretary in the Office of the President Albertus Aochamub said Nambinga is merely running scared since his party is fast disappearing into nothingness. “All those comments are a figment of his rich imagination and desperate times visiting upon the RDP in its dying hours,” Aochamub said. He said President Geingob was in church on Sunday praying for all Namibians, including Nambinga, and “doesn’t have time to comment on such nonsense.” One of the defecting members, Reverend Festus Naholo, in a report published by New Era Last week indicated he has been out of the RDP leadership for some time preparing for his return to Swapo. Naholo said: “We responded to President Geingob’s call for poverty eradication and that no one should be excluded from the Namibian house.” “We hope all Namibians outside the house will respond favourably to our patriotic leader. Our task is to mobilise members to Swapo,” Naholo said. He re-joined Swapo, last week alongside former director of elections Phillemon Kanime, Magnus Nangombe, and Ambassador Shapwa Kaukungua.
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