• November 21st, 2018
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Illegal harvesting of wood disconcerts UTA


Tsandi The Uukwaluudhi Traditional Authority (UTA) has warned members of the community against cutting down trees for firewood without seeking permission from the UTA. The chairperson of the UTA Elifas Ampweya said that some people are involved in the illegal harvesting of trees in the Uukwaluudhi forest. He noted that this year the UTA has arrested various culprits and fined them N$500 to N$5 000 depending on the amount of wood found in their possession. “Although this issue started a while ago, this year we have arrested a lot of people compared to past years,” said a distressed Ampweya. Ampweya, who spoke on behalf of King Shikongo Taapopi, said the old man was disturbed by the trend and wants people to respect his authority as “every house has its own rules and regulations”. He said if people want wood from the area they must follow the right procedures and seek permission before cutting down trees. The traditional leader noted that going into someone’s forest without permission is “disrespectful and indeed disturbing”. He pointed out that some of the culprits fined were people from Okalongo, Ongandjera and Uukwambi. The traditional leader could not say what they would do with the confiscated wood, but promised heavier punishment of culprits in future.
New Era Reporter
2015-11-17 09:37:58 3 years ago

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