• September 18th, 2018
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Unlike opposition, Swapo remains relevant – Ekandjo


Windhoek The Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Jerry Ekandjo, told potential voters on Saturday that Swapo is the only political party that has stood the test of time. Ekandjo, who spoke at a rally at 8ste Laan in Otjomuise, which was graced by the First Lady Monica Geingos as the guest of honour, said most opposition political parties have lost their relevance over the years. “The DTA whose roots are linked to South Africa was set up to show the world that the then South West Africa was being governed by its own people,” Ekandjo told the electorate. The Congress of Democrats (CoD) was set up after its founder, Ben Ulenga, who was a Swapo member of parliament and ambassador to the United Kingdom, opposed the amendment of the Namibian constitution to give founding president, Sam Nujoma, a third term in office. He also opposed sending Namibian soldiers to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). “Nujoma is no more in office and the Namibian soldiers are no more in DRC, but where is CoD today?” said Ekandjo. The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) founding president Hidipo Hamutenya did not want Pohamba to win and so he started his own political party. “Now they are coming back because Pohamba is no more at State House,” said Ekandjo. He said the point he was making to the electorate was to show that Swapo was established from the conviction and determination to liberate the country from oppression, while other political parties were established because their political heads had ambitions of wanting to be president. Ekandjo urged the electorate to wake up early and vote for Swapo Party this Friday despite the anticipated long queues and harsh weather conditions. “It is better to suffer in the queue and know that on the 28th you will be running around with Swapo colours celebrating, than to lose your votes,” Ekandjo said. He also urged the electorate not to wear party colours when they cast their votes. “Let Swapo be in your hearts,” he said. He furthermore urged the electorate to be peaceful and avoid violent confrontations. “Even if you are provoked just ignore and remain calm. Those are flies who are here today and gone tomorrow,” said Ekandjo who insinuated that some opposition parties will try intimidatory tactics because they know they will not win. “Ignore them, the flies only live one day,” repeated Ekandjo. In addition, he said the electorate should distinguish between a voter’s card and driving licence, explaining that at a recent rally in the Ohangwena Region some people presented him with a driving licence instead of a voter’s card, when he insisted on seeing the voter’s card. The councillor of Khomasdal North Constituency, Margaret Mensah-Williams, touched on the development that “the Swapo party led government” has brought to the constitution. She touched on the two schools in the area as well as the clinic, among others. During Mensah-Williams’ address on the successes of the constituency, an irritated woman from the crowd shouted repeatedly, “We don’t have electricity and water that side” until security officers removed her from the gathering. Mensah-Williams said: “We are having a lot of challenges but a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. The area has grown over the years. We started with water and we are now moving to electricity.”
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