• September 24th, 2018
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DTA should go, says Kawana


Ongwediva Minister of Justice Albert Kawana has condemned the DTA for opposing solidarity tax, lashing out that they “should go”, because the solidarity tax is being put in place to fight poverty. “When a political party is opposed to fighting poverty in this country, to me I can say ‘vaye kwii’,” said Kawana. He made the remarks at the poorly attended rally in Ongwediva over the weekend. Last week Monday, this newspaper reported that DTA president McHenry Venaani said funds to fight poverty could be generated from other sources and not necessarily by taxing people, who lament the fact they are already overburdened with a raft of taxes. Venaani said solidarity tax should be the very last option. Last weekend’s poorly attended Swapo Party rally is the second in a row, following another poorly attended rally a week ago, which attracted less than 50 people. Despite high expectations, the number of people who turned up could not even fill the chairs set out for the rally. Kawana also mocked National Democratic Party (NDP) leader Martin Lukato Lukato for continuously addressing rallies unaided. “Not even his own candidates can attend his rallies. What sort of party is this?” asked Kawana, while laughing. He also warned local and regional candidates that Swapo can recall them if they deviate from the election manifesto, saying candidates are there to implement the programme of the party. Kawana said Swapo’s mission is to provide services to the people; hence failure is not an option. “Those comrades, if they deviate from the election manifesto, the Swapo Party can recall them,” he reiterated. Kawana further implored Swapo supporters and sympathisers to rally behind the party’s candidates in the elections scheduled for Friday, urging them to refrain from voting for individuals. “Swapo should come first. Don’t vote for individuals, because those comrades are there to implement the Swapo manifesto. So let’s rally behind our candidates,” Kawana implored. He further urged sections, branches and districts to use the remaining days before the elections to educate voters on how to use the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs).
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