• September 20th, 2018
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Special Focus
Special Focus

Query: The Ministry of Labour is probably the most useless in the government set-up. The minister and his lieutenants are non-existent. Namibian workers are abused by their Chinese employers, security guards are mistreated by their Namibian bosses, but nothing is being done about it. Response: The ministry, like any other public institution, does not expect compliments from those who have lost their cases, or who want matters to be dealt with otherwise. However, the ministry strives to ensure that the workforce of this country is protected, while it should be productive and enjoying harmonious industrial relations, decent work and full employment. The writer states that workers are abused, specifically by Chinese and security guard employers, without mentioning specific companies or employers. The ministry would like to urge the writer and anyone with evidence related to unfair labour practices to report such unacceptable cases to it for possible investigation and further actions. Furthermore, the ministry would like to assure the nation that we will not to divulge details to any third party. The ministry has proof that the majority of its clients are satisfied with the level of services they received from it. However, in the field of labour and employment, it is unreasonable and totally impossible to satisfy each and every client. Query: I have a labour case at Okahandja and it has been handed over to the Office of the Labour Commissioner, but up to now, it is quiet. Response: The complainant did not provide a date as to when the case was lodged or its registration number, or at least the names of parties so that the ministry can do a reference check of the record. The process, as cited on the previous description, might be the reason why the case was still not attended to, i.e. it might happen that the complainant’s case was still being screened or did not meet the requirements. In this regard, the complainant is advised to contact the office to track progress of his/her case. Bro-Matthew Shinguadja, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labour, Email: ps@mol.gov.na
2015-11-24 09:42:22 2 years ago
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