• September 24th, 2018
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Query: Commissioner General of the Namibian Correctional Facility, when you were appointed our expectations were high that you would solve the problems officers were facing, because you were also in the same situation. The shortage of uniforms for officers, transport and accommodation requires that you visit facilities around the country. Response: The Commissioner-General of the Namibian Correctional Service (NCS), Raphael Tuhafeni Hamunyela, immediately after his inauguration as the Head of Corrections paid an extended visit to all 14 correctional facilities in Namibia. He listened to the grievances and challenges facing all staff members. Since returning from his visits he tried to address most of the problems. Some issues, like housing, need to be addressed at national level. Regarding our internal issues we would like to ask our staff to be patient and give us time to address these. Uniforms: The Namibian Correctional Service recently received a consignment of uniforms, which is already in our storerooms. The uniforms will be distributed to the staff members as soon as the administrative formalities are completed. We need to appreciate the fact that we are in a profession where uniforms are provided free of charge. Transport: Public servants receive transport allowances, as determined by the government. Shift-workers get transport from the Namibian Correctional Service. Accommodation: The country is facing a national housing crisis and the government is currently seized with this matter. Certain staff members can participate in the Government Housing Scheme. The Namibian Correctional Service has a limited amount of accommodation available at its various correctional facilities. The limited available accommodation is naturally reserved for officers, who offer essential services, such as nurses, security staff, etc. The Namibian Correctional Service recently collected data from staff members that do not have accommodation to be included in the National Housing Scheme. For the 2016/2017 financial year the Namibian Correctional Service envisages building staff accommodation at the following correctional facilities: Divundu, Elizabeth Nepemba, Hardap and Windhoek. Our future plan is to construct staff accommodation at all 14 correction facilities. Query: Commissioner General of the Namibian Correctional Service, Raphael T Amunyela, the head of Oluno Prison is favouring one officer who works in the disciplinary office, who is suspected of stealing an engine from a PS’s car. This is a serious criminal case and the Anti-Corruption Commission must intervene. Response: First and foremost, the Commissioner General of the Namibian Correctional Service is Commissioner General Raphael Tuhafeni Hamunyela, and not Commissioner General Raphael T Amunyela, as indicated in the newspaper. Secondly, the officer in charge of Oluno Correctional Facility has indicated upon enquiry, that he does not practice any form of favouritism towards any member under his command. For clarity’s sake, there is no officer suspected of stealing an engine from a PS vehicle at Oluno Correctional Facility. However, there is an allegation that the top of a government vehicle was stolen. This matter was dealt with criminally and departmentally. The public relations office would like to invite staff members of the Namibian Correctional Service to address complaints and problems to the said office. Query: Anti-Corruption Commission, investigate how the wife of the head of Oluno Prison got recruited in the Namibian Correctional Service? She is currently undergoing training. Response: The Namibian Correctional Service is aware of the recruitment of the wife of the officer in charge of Oluno Correctional Facility, as well as the wife of another staff member, who is stationed at the Lucius S Mahoto Correctional Service Training College. Both ladies were recruited on the basis of possessing certain essential skills. In this case, both possess cooking skills that are required by the NCS. The recruits, who are currently undergoing basic training at the National Youth Service Training Centre in Oshana Region, include trainees with various skills, such as cooks, drivers, athletes, mechanics, people with disabilities etc. Deputy Commissioner Eveline January, Public and Media Relations Office, Email: eveline.january@ncs.gov.na
2015-11-24 09:40:17 2 years ago
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