• November 15th, 2018
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Early results favour Swapo in Omaheke

Gobabis Omaheke Region has finalised preparations for the regional and local authority elections to be held on Friday, election officers said yesterday. Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) regional coordinator Veronica Kuzeeko says all the necessary preparations have been made to conduct the election peacefully and democratically. She said a series of training sessions, clarifications and explanations have been provided to voters, civic societies, election executives and different stakeholders on the electoral code of conduct and voting process. Asked whether there were any challenges in the countdown to election day Kuzeeko said most challenges have been addressed and they are just adding some finishing touches. “The only shortcoming we had was the lack of transport and this has since been resolved,” she said. “To date we got 100 cars of the 124 we expected. However, other arrangements have since been made.” She said not a single complaint has so far been filed by the political parties contesting Friday’s elections.Over 43 092 voters were registered in the Omaheke Region for Friday’s local and regional elections. The upcoming election will see new leaders taking up seats in regional and local authority offices. Meanwhile, the regional office yesterday announced the provisional election results in the special voting exercise that took place on Monday. Kuzeeko said the special voting exercise for the regional council and local authority elections kicked off peacefully across the region on Monday at 09h00 and ended at 19h00 the same day. The special voting exercise was arranged for polling officials, police officers, seafarers and other eligible voters who applied to vote in advance of the official November 27 voting day, as they might not be able to vote on Friday for occupational and other reasons. A total of 82 voters cast they votes in Gobabis in the special voting for the regional council election. The provisional results of the regional council election are as follows: the DTA of Namibia’s Brain Modise scooped 42 votes, while RDP candidate Forman Kamehozu garnered seven. Swapo Party’s candidate Fillipus Katamelo got 51. In the Gobabis local authority election a total of 83 people cast their votes, with Swapo receiving 44, DTA 24, Swanu 8, UDF 6 and WRP 1. In the Epukiro Constituency regional election seven people cast their votes, of which Swapo got six and Swanu one. In the Otjombinde Constituency regional election a total of 20 people cast their votes, with Swapo candidate Karii Marenga getting four votes, while independent candidate Katjanaa Kaurivi got 14 votes. Swanu’s Matti Ndjoze got only 2 votes. In the Okorukambe Constituency regional election 22 people voted, with 19 going to Swapo candidate Raphael Mokaleng and three votes going to DTA candidate Emgard Kandovazu. In the Aminuis Constituency regional election 34 people voted, with 31 votes going to NUDO candidate Razungana Kazongominja and three to Swapo candidate Raphael Kavari. In Otjinene Constituency regional election 23 people voted, with 13 going to NUDO candidate Ervin Katjizeu, nine to Swapo candidate Nono Katjingisiua and one vote to DTA candidate Tjinouhona Kandjii. In the Otjinene local elections 21 people cast their votes, with 12 going to NUDO and nine scooped by Swapo. In Witvlei local authority elections in the Okorukambe Constituency 10 people cast their votes with eight votes going to Swapo, one to NUDO and one to DTA. There were no voters in Leonardville.
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