• November 19th, 2018
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Independent candidate take over Otjombinde Constituency

Gobabis The newly elected councillor for Otjombinde Constituency in the Omaheke Region, independent candidate Katjanaa Kaurivi, says he is ready to make peace with the Swapo Party. Kaurivi decided to run as an independent candidate after the outcome of the disputed Swapo primaries, in which he lost the candidature to councillor Karii Marenga. He has reportedly been a member of Swapo Party since 1984. “Now that the elections are over I’m ready to sit around the table with my Swapo Party comrades to iron out the differences,” he told New Era on Saturday. “Now that the dust has settled, I’m open to sit with my Swapo Party to discuss the way forward,” he added. The results of Friday’s regional council election in the Otjombinde Constituency saw Kaurivi receiving 1 396 votes to win the constituency. Swapo’s incumbent councillor, Karii Marenga, recorded 681 votes, followed by Swanu’s Mati Ndjoze with 267 votes, and the DTA candidate, Computer Katjiremba, with only 134. Swapo regional coordinator for the Omaheke Region Kejamuina Mungendje said Katjanaa is welcome into the Swapo party. However, there are procedures to be followed when re-joining the party. “He is the one who decided to return his party membership card, so he will be welcome to re-apply if he wants,” said Mungendje. Meanwhile, Kaurivi says now that he has been elected into office, he will undertake wide-ranging consultations with residents of Otjombinde to determine their needs and to devise a suitable plan for development. “I will create an open relationship with the constituency intellectuals to advise me on a wide range of issues,” he added. “I will serve the interest of the people of this constituency by maintaining good roads and ensuring that residents of the constituency’s basic rights are respected,” he insisted. He promised to work for the people as a servant, not as a boss. “I will treat all people equally, listen to their plight and will always keep my ears and eyes on the ground,” he said. Kaurivi added that he would initiate consultations with traditional leaders in the area to unite the much-divided community, regardless of their political affiliation. He thanked those who voted for him, saying he will be there 24 hours a day to serve their interest. Kaurivi also thanked the residents of Eiseb Block for their overwhelming support, saying he is in full support of their demand that Eiseb Block be demarcated as constituency on its own, as it would improve the livelihood of the residents.
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2015-11-30 09:20:07 2 years ago

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