• November 19th, 2018
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More bad news for RDP as Musialela quits… Women not supporting each other, says Mbumba


Windhoek Swapo secretary general Nangolo Mbumba says women are not supporting each other sufficiently in politics, hence their continued poor performance in elections. Only 20 of the 121 recently elected regional councilors are women. “Women prefer to elect men instead of other women,” Mbumba roared yesterday. He said his party has already put in place the 50/50 zebra system, but even so, women have struggled to curb male dominance in the political arena. Mbumba said: “Women nowadays are getting better education than men, therefore we have to push them forward.” He made the remarks during an occasion at which the party welcomed back former Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) central committee member Ellen Musialela. While it is relatively easy for women to occupy positions in the lower ranks, they face an uphill battle when it comes to vying for top positions in politics and the business sector. The mass exodus of high-profile members from the RDP continued unabated yesterday after Musialela, a former RDP councillor at the City of Windhoek, rejoined the ruling party. When granted the opportunity to make a few remarks Musialela claimed there was no inner-party peace in Swapo at the time of her departure. “When I left Swapo a lot of things happened and there was no peace in the party, but now one can see that there is peace. I’m back home and I will not step on anyone’s foot, nor am I looking for a position,” she said. Musialela leaves behind in the RDP her sister Agnes Limbo to reunite with Swapo backbencher in the National Assembly Norah Munsu, who is also her sister. Musialela is well known within Swapo ranks, having previously served as secretary of the Swapo Party Women’s Councils and also as an ex-combatant during the war of liberation.
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