• September 23rd, 2018
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Elections : Women got themselves to blame

It is a shame how women perform in Namibian politics. Even with the 50/50 principle applied by parties such as Swapo, women continue to trail in the political wilderness. Results for last week’s elections are another testimony that women need to do something to occupy their rightful place on the national political podium. Women must no longer wait for the mercy of men. They must stand up for their rights and demand radical transformations. Their counterparts in countries like Rwanda and Angola have done a lot to, especially in the case of Rwanda, claim a bigger share in national parliament. Namibian women, or many of them, seem to have accepted their fate and that playing second fiddle to their male counterparts is well and good. To have 20 female councillors in a country of 121 constituencies is a massive misrepresentation of Namibian demographics and something needs to be done urgently – and by women themselves. Men have proven they cannot entirely be objective in this matter because this would mean making space for women at their (men’s) own expense. It therefore means women themselves have to lead the campaign for equitable representation in politics. Helena Sheuyange Windhoek
2015-12-04 10:43:21 2 years ago
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