• November 17th, 2018
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Swakopmund elects female mayor again

Swakopmnd Women made a big comeback in terms of the recent local authority elections at Swakopmund with four women elected as local authority councillors. Swapo’s Paulina Ndahafa Nashilundo was sworn in as the mayor of Swakopmund and Maria Elago as the deputy mayor. Swakopmund is no stranger when it comes to female leadership. Former councillor of the town, Rosina //Hoabes, was elected in 2003 as the first ever female mayor of Swakopmund. The late Germina Shitaleni also served as the mayor of Swakopmund before she was replaced by Juuso Kambueshe in 2010. Shitaleni served as deputy mayor from 2006-2008 and from 2008-2010 as mayor. Erriki Shitana was elected as the new management committee chairperson while unionist Kleopas Jason Ngwena was elected as the deputy chairperson. Former mayor Nehemia Salamon and Assertha Marsh were elected as ordinary members of the management committee. All are from Swapo Party. Eliphas //Khoaseb from the United Democratic Front (UDF) was elected as an additional member of the management committee. Elise Hangula (DTA), Uahimiza Kaapehi (Nudo) and Wilfried Groenewald of the Swakopmund Residents Association were elected as additional members. Meanwhile, Erongo Region’s Governor Cleophas Mutjavikua condemned tribalism. Mutjavikua was speaking at the swearing in of councillors of the Erongo Regional Council on Friday, according to Nampa. “Tribalism is contrary to Vision 2030, we therefore have no room for such behaviour. Namibia must move forward in unity.” The governor said politicians should avoid allowing tribalism and racism to influence their decisions. “In Erongo, our mission is not to divide our people, but unite them. We want to work and feed our people.” He encouraged white, black and coloured communities to live together in harmony.
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