• September 18th, 2018
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Mbambo praises former councillors


Rundu Kavango East Regional Governor Dr Samuel Mbambo has applauded the councillors who just left office, saying their work is visible and commendable. Those praised by Mbambo worked under the chairmanship of Bonifatius Wakudumo. Mbambo said the work of the ex-councillors speaks for itself. “If someone compares how the region looked when you started and where you ended, it will only be an arch-liar and dishonest person who will say nothing has happened. We thank you for your dedication and hard work and we appreciate it very much,” Mbambo said. Mbambo also urged the former councillors to be ready to assist and guide the new ones. “Your brothers and sisters will need your guidance and experience – please be ready and willing to share with them.” “There was a time when the people in various constituencies asked who will lead us on the constituency level in the war against poverty that the president declared. There was a time when the people of this town Rundu asked who will lead us in the development of our town,” Mbambo said. According to Mbambo there were many people who put up their hands and said ‘here I am, send me’. Of the many people who put up their hands to be sent to serve on the regional level, six were elected. Of the many people who presented themselves seven were elected to serve on the Rundu Town Council. “Through the elections the people of Kavango East Region and of Rundu have spoken that you will be the ones to serve. You are the elected ones to take up where your predecessors left off,” he told the new councillors. “You go and serve the people of this region and this town. Bring development, lead us in the fight against poverty, lead us in bringing prosperity to the people. People want food, water, electricity, roads, education, health, and more.” “People want action not empty party slogans. When I talk about people, I am talking about all the people irrespective of their political affiliations, socio-economic status, religious beliefs. You are called to serve all the people. No discrimination, no favouritism, no nepotism. Everyone in this region and this town deserves the same services. We are servants of the Namibian nation,” Mbambo said. Kalyangu Muliki who was the councillor for Mukwe Constituency is now replaced by John Thighuru; Nimrod Muremi for Rundu Urban has been replaced by Victoria Kauma; Hildegard Mangundu of Ndiyona has been replaced by Eugene Likuwa and Bonifatius Wakudumo of Mashare was replaced by Phillip Mavara. The only councillor who retained his position is Michael Shikongo of Rundu Rural, while the new Ndonga Linena Constituency is now represented by Petrus Kavhura.
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