• September 18th, 2018
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160 students complete pre-primary course

Swakopmund One hundred and sixty pre-primary student teachers recently graduated in Erongo Region following a close cooperation between Perivoli Schools Trust and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare. The students that successfully completed the Perivoli programme came from Arandis (12 candidates), Henties Bay (22 candidates), Swakopmund (61 candidates) and Walvis Bay (65 candidates). “With such empowerment in our communities parents can leave their little ones with peace of mind at day care centres and kindergartens, where their children will be taken care of and through play be stimulated to develop according to the best of their abilities,” says Perivoli trainer Rachel Rhodes. The Perivoli Schools Trust was established by UK-based James Alexandroff. The Trust trains young women and men to become good and better kindergarten teachers. Training is for free. “We believe that early childhood development is achieved through play, especially for children younger than six years. Our aim is thus to show teachers how to use whatever resources are locally available for use in constructive play, in the hope of children being better prepared for Grade 1 and formal learning. Our mission is to reach all the 3 000 early school teachers that will come face to face with the 100 000 or so newcomers,” Rhodes explained. The former mayor of Walvis Bay Uilika Nambahu, who delivered her statement as invited guest at the graduation ceremony, said that the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. “Education is the ability to listen to almost everything without losing your temper and for every one of us that succeeds there was always somebody behind that showed you the way. Therefore, I want to complement the teachers of Perivoli for the determination and support they gave to the graduates. Today, your life is like the examination paper, and you are the author and the pen; every day you wake up, challenges are there. But you came this far and nothing is too difficult to achieve and too easy to get.” Nambahu indicated that the supreme art of any teacher is to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. To the Trust, Nambahu expressed her gratitude for it delivering such service. “A hand of applause for dedicating your services free of charge, and your time and energy. You continue to invest in your students. It is my hope that your organisation keeps on going for a lifetime, so that our grandchildren and great grandchildren can benefit from it. Let this be a stepping stone for you graduates, let it not stop here,” she said.
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