• September 23rd, 2018
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Nudo unhappy over failure to appoint Windhoek CEO


Windhoek The National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) has urged Windhoek City Council to fill the chief executive officer (CEO) position that has been vacant since June 2014. Nudo presidential spokesperson Joseph Kauandenge said his party is disappointed in the previous city management committee, who failed to employ someone in the high-profile City of Windhoek (CoW) CEO position. “The position of the CoW CEO is a serious position that needs filling with the utmost urgency, and the sooner the incoming City Council and its management committee realise this, the better,” said Kauandenge who is also a CoW councillor. He said as a party represented in the new City Council they will ask hard questions when the first council meeting convenes on January 28. He said the inability to employ a CEO reflects badly on the former council and its management committee. “They have allowed political interest to override the serious need to employ someone in this position,” said the outspoken Kauandenge. “It is regrettable that political posturing, vested interests and political agendas have hijacked a purely administrative process to such an extent that those who really qualified for the position are relegated to the background, so that those who are not qualified but who are seen to be politically correct can be employed,” he added. He said it defies logic, let alone common sense, that after having advertised and re advertised that position four times in a space of one year following the departure of the former CEO in June 2014, that “we ushered in 2016 without a permanent CEO”. “The line minister must also be made aware that as the Local Authority Act states the minister can only be consulted after council has endorsed its preferred candidate through its management committee, but the minister cannot hold council at ransom until she is happy with her preferred candidate,” Kauandenge stressed. He said the party would be relentless in making sure that a new CEO is appointed this year.
2016-01-11 09:06:47 2 years ago
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