• September 23rd, 2018
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Omaheke education directorate takes blame for poor results


Windhoek Omaheke regional education director Pecka Semba says the directorate accepts full blame for the poor performance of learners in the region. In the 2015 Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) Grade 10 examinations, Omaheke dropped two places from ninth position to number 11. Speaking to New Era recently, Semba said the directorate’s intervention and efforts have not been sufficient and this led to the poor performance of schools in the region. “Let me and my management take the blame for the poor performance of the schools in the region,” he said, adding that the lacklustre performance of learners in the region is due primarily to inadequate interventions by the regional director, inspectors, principals, heads of department, the senior education officers, subject advisors and teachers. Semba said it is necessary to make the roles of leaders at school more relevant and to increase supervision at all schools in the region “not only occasionally, but on a more constant basis.” He says the directorate faces numerous challenges, but he does not want to use these as an excuse for their performance: “We have to rise above those challenges, because the best performing regions face even worse or similar challenges.” Last year 37 441 full-time Grade 10 candidates registered for the national examinations, of which 20 318 (54.3 percent) qualified for admission to Grade 11.
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