• September 25th, 2018
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Call for government ministries to be proactive in Otjinene

Windhoek The chief executive officer of Otjinene Village Council in the Omaheke region, Nathaniel Karuaihe, has called on government ministries to be more pro-active in the region and to make their presence felt. Nathaniel Karuaihe said yesterday that there are not many effective programmes to keep the youth of the streets. He spoke about the general development of the village and said there is only one service station, which constantly runs out of fuel – particularly during occasions when there are many people traveling in and out of the village. “Even as I am talking to you now we don’t have fuel in Otjinene. We want serious investors to come to Otjinene,” said Karuaihe, adding that investors could set up filling stations at the village, which he anticipates will grow very fast in the years to come. He said the Trans-Kalahari highway is an opportunity to attract tourists and investors to the village. “The road we are having will be frequented by traffic so we want to brings tourists and investors here (Otjinene) and not just to pass us by,” he told New Era during a telephonic interview. He said the construction of a mall is underway and at least ten shops will operate from there. He could not divulge the total cost of the construction, but said it came as a result of outside investment into the village. Otjinene was proclaimed a village council in 2011 and Karuaihe says it is growing very fast. “We have three schools in Otjinene and they are a major contributor to activities here,” he added. Furthermore, he said the first ever expo at the village will be held towards the end of April. The aim, he said, is to attract development to the village by showcasing what it has to offer: “As a new proclaimed village council we can’t just keep idle. So we want to attract investors and the development they want to bring to Otjinene.” Some of the tourist attractions include the Ngauzepo camelthorn tree, where many Ovaherero were hanged during the struggle against colonialism. There is also a Heritage Centre 18 km east of Otjinene, where the General Lothar von Trotha’s Extermination Order was executed some 110 years ago. Cultural and memorial activities take place there each year, Karuaihe said.
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