• September 22nd, 2018
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Ongwediva youths cater for orphans, needy children

Ongwediva More than 100 orphans and vulnerable children from Ongwediva were reminded of the importance of education, and entertained and treated to a sumptuous lunch at Ongwediva Multi-Purpose Youth Centre in Ongwediva on Saturday. The organisers of the charity event will also buy stationery that the children can use during the afternoon programmes offered at the multipurpose centre. Although the organisers expected about 180 children to attend, they were content with the attendance. They, however, encouraged parents and guardians to send such children to events organised to assist them. Lebbeus Hashikutuva, a learner at Etosha High School encouraged learners to take their education seriously in order to secure a bright future. Hashikutuva also enlightened the learners about the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse and staying on the streets, when they should be studying. During a question and answer session, the children were also given a platform to share their first week’s experience at school and to gauge their views about the importance of school. Hashikutuva said the event aimed to instil discipline in the learners at the start of the academic year, “Because discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments,” Hashikutuva stressed. Similarly, the event also aimed to boost the learners’ enthusiasm for academic pursuits, at the beginning of the academic year. “The future of Namibia belongs to these children. They are our future dentists, our future journalists. We need to tell them that they can become all that through school, but only if they are disciplined,” said Hashikutuva. In future the youth organisers also plan to host a Christmas function for orphans and vulnerable children in Ongwediva. The funds to host the event last week were donated by local business people. It was organised by Lebbeus Hashikutuva, with the assistance of fellow youths from Ongwediva, including the junior councillors of Ongwediva.
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