• September 19th, 2018
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Politics betrayed Keetmans development - governor


Keetmanshoop //Karas regional governor Lucia Basson says Keetmanshoop is way behind in terms of infrastructure development and other critical areas simply because of divisive party politics of the past whereby those in power did not work as a team. Speaking at a consultative meeting with the seven Keetmanshoop local authority councillors on Monday she indicated that the town has miserably failed over the past five years because the previous council did not work together – but instead as individuals from different political parties –and in the end little was achieved in their five-year term. She said Keetmanshoop as the capital of the south should not be in its current state with a lack of infrastructure and other basic services, a situation she blames on the previous council. She urged the new councillors to take a new route of leadership to improve the town, irrespective of their political affiliation. “When you are elected and come into the council you should forget about party politics,” she said. “That was the problem (not forgetting party politics) with the previous council and that’s why Keetmanshoop has failed over the past five years.” She called on the new mayor and her team to work together to take the town in a new prosperous direction and that they serve the town’s residents in the best way possible. Basson also pointed out that many a time administrators make decisions without consulting councillors – a practice that she says should stop as councillors are the decision makers and the administrators’ responsibilities are just to implement whatever council decides. “Now because they have their grades and qualifications and us as politicians with our Grade 6 or 7 they think they can decide – no you have to be in charge,” she strongly urged. She also encouraged them to read the local authority act and more importantly know the state of finances at the municipality at all times. She further emphasised the lack of communication as a big problem and thus encouraged the council to communicate more with her office as well as the community through meetings and other platforms. She also also touched on various economic and social issues affecting the town and region at large. The council consists of five Swapo councillors and one each from the DTA and RDP. The governor’s meetings with various local authority councillors of the region continues throughout this week
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