• September 25th, 2018
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Some celebs share 2016 resolutions but some do not believe in them

Time Out
Time Out

   WINDHOEK It is that time of the year again when some reflect on the changes they want or need to make as many believe a new year brings hope and can trigger a desire to change an aspect of one’s life. An optimistic spirit of “new year, new me” motivates many to make a New Year’s resolution. Most people will vow to do something in their day-to-day lives. Losing weight, exercising on a regular basis and becoming adept at financial management usually top the list of resolutions. Even though it’s not something that many can keep up with or sustain, some people are more than ready to take up the challenge and our local entertainers are not an exception. Some entertainers couldn’t hold their excitement to share some of the changes and goals they have set for themselves in the New Year. While some may not necessarily believe in resolutions but rather in plans, others hope to bring new flavour to the entertainment industry and also personal changes in their lifestyles. TV and Radio Presenter Ruffy Chakanyuka seems very much excited about sharing her new year’s resolution on living a healthy lifestyle. “I plan eating healthier; my brand is behind wellness and a healthy lifestyle. I will stay focussed as I have carried over a few resolutions from last year just for control. There will be more to expect from me,” says Ruffy. Comedian Sibongile Tshabalala says she does not have a resolution but believes that she has plans and goals that she hopes to accomplish this year. “My fan can expect an expansion on my comedy. Last year was all about Stand-up, this year I will expand comedy. I will be working on a few projects,” says Sinbongile. Kwaito artist, Ees, believes most people make resolutions for the New Year and have trouble sticking to them. Personally he does not believe in resolutions as he will make changes anytime when necessary.  He however says 2016 is another great opportunity for him to get more integrated into the international music scene. “My NAM Flava family can expect a lot of singles and music videos from me this year again. I am focusing more on online television for 2016 to promote my music,” promises Ees. The star adds that he is looking forward to the KORA Awards taking place in Namibia for the first time, and hopes Namibians vote for Namibian artists. “Let’s show Africa when it comes to supporting each other.” Many believe that it is important to view one’s self and strengths to feel stronger and get personal reinforcement from small successes Modernghana.com could not have said it better, “No goal, No resolution, No change means you are in the same place where it was a year ago. To move forward, you need a destination. That destination is your goal, or resolution. Then you walk towards that destination, with one step at a time. After few days, you will find that you are few steps closer to your destination. It will strengthen your enthusiasm. Help you to take another step towards your goal. Slowly, day by day, you are coming closer to your destination.
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