• September 25th, 2018
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Keetmans municipality to help victims of storm

Keetmanshoop Residents in the informal settlements whose zinc shacks were damaged by recent heavy rains at Keetmanshoop will soon receive corrugated iron sheets to help them rebuild their homes. Public relations officer of the Keetmanshoop Municipality, Dawn Kruger, revealed this development during an interview on Tuesday. She said that due to the damage to some people’s shacks as a result of the storms on Tuesday the municipality had decided to purchase corrugated iron sheets valued at N$15 000 for distribution to individuals whose zinc shacks were destroyed by the heavy downpour. “The municipality will buy corrugated iron sheets which will be given to the needy people in the informal settlements,” she said. Commenting on the damage caused to the town’s infrastructure, she said not much structural damage had been reported so far but only minimal damage that required minor repairs. According to her the problem the municipality faces is the clearing up of the roads for which 20 casual workers and two extra drivers have been secured. These workers will assist the municipality for four weeks at a cost of N$90 per person per day for the casual workers and N$160 each per day for the drivers, which will amount to N$42 400. She described the heavy rain as an unforeseen and unusual occurrence at the town, saying it was the first time in recent years that rain had caused such chaos. “It’s the first time in thirty years that we have had extensive damage,” she said of the damage that was caused to the roads by the heavy rain. She also said the municipality has been receiving calls from residents asking for help to clean up their yards but that, she said, can not be done as the municipality doesn’t have the capacity and human resources to help each and every one, saying the focus is “on the town first”.
2016-01-22 09:59:51 2 years ago
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