• September 20th, 2018
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More appeals for bail in N$140 million fraud case

Windhoek The second group of persons accused of defrauding the Receiver of Revenue of N$141 million have been informed that their applications would take place between February 1 and February 5 in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court. This was agreed between the defence lawyers and prosecution on Thursday last week. The accused are Mamsy Mweneni Hilma Nuuyoma, Lukau Nestor, Benvindo Momafuba, Pembele Zimutu, Paulo Kiala, Tatiana Luquena Muchadu Gonga, Paquete Americo Kapayola Jose, Eugenio Pio Do Amaral Gourgel, Malakias Tomas Rufine, Carls Feleciano Tchinduku, Lucio Jose Cazembe and Noah Boykie Naukosho. The number of accused now stands at 19. They were arrested at the VAT office near the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule in Windhoek by Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) agents in December, while trying to claim tax refunds. The arrests came as a result of ongoing investigations at the request of the finance ministry into cases where value added tax (VAT) receipts were forged to claim refunds from the Receiver of Revenue. The Namibians allegedly connived with several Angolans to help them submit false tax refund claims to the Receiver of Revenue. They were denied bail last December and then brought a bail application. Joshua Kaviyu, a Namibian, was the first and only accused who was granted bail last week, of N$20 000. Joaquim Pedro Espanhol, Isaac Cativa Cupessala and Paulino Manuel Natal were denied bail. Magistrate Gerrit Brand van Pletzen presided on Thursday.
2016-01-25 13:26:22 2 years ago
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