• June 26th, 2019
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Artists take a stand against GBV through music

Two upcoming artists have come together to firmly stand up against gender-based violence (GBV) by collaborating on a song that calls for an end to GBV. The two artists, namely Joao Antonio ‘Jay Antonio’ (Angola) and Petrus Johannes ‘Jay-R’ (Namibia), created a music masterpiece hoping to change the mindset of Namibian men and inspire the nation. The song titled ‘Let Us Stand Together’, which starts off with statistics on GBV, sends a clear message and ever since its release has been bustling on social networks with positive comments from supporters and followers. According to Jay-R, the overall purpose of the song is not only to entertain but also to echo a message to every person to inspire and encourage unity. “We were created to love and care for each other. GBV is prevalent. Terrible crimes are committed on a daily basis; women and children are being killed. We need to stand together and create an understanding nation,” said Jay-R. Jay Antonio who is currently based in Windhoek said the ongoing violence and crimes trouble him. “Even if I’m not Namibian, I grew up here and I can feel what everyone else feels. Let’s build a loving nation. If we start viewing our ladies in the way we view our own mothers and sisters then there will be unity and adoration,” said Jay Antonio. Jay-Antonio also encouraged fellow artists to do music “with meaning and inspiration”. “Let’s do music that will bring out the best in the country and its people. We artists play a major role in uplifting and changing people’s mindsets. We must do something good that the nation can follow.” The song is currently on radio and the duet urges anyone who would like to be part of the video to contact them on their social network platforms. Jay-R entered the music industry in 2008 but started on a collective album in 2013 which is due to be released before the end of this year. On the album he collaborated with artists from Botswana, Angola and local artists. Jay-Antonio started as a rapper in 2008 and became a singer afterwards because he believes his voice is destined to sing. He was born in Angola but grew up in Namibia. He owns a record label and has produced for artists such as hip-hop star Jericho.
New Era Reporter
2016-01-25 13:38:16 3 years ago

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