• September 22nd, 2018
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Endjala blasts ‘lazy’ staff at Omusati council


Outapi Governor of Omusati Region Erginus Endjala has called upon the new councillors to work towards improving the image of the council, which has of late been labelled corrupt. Critics also accuse Omusati officials of maladministration. While addressing the councillors at a meeting in Outapi on Friday, Endjala reminded the councillors of the tasks ahead to ensure efficient service delivery and to defuse the negative perception of council. Endjala says the regional council will restore its reputation by no longer overlooking lazy cadres and staff. He said the time has come to root out lazy officials, requesting them to pull up their socks or be shown the door. “That is an order. It is not a request and it is not negotiable,” said Endjala sternly. “Before I receive the boot because I’m an incompetent governor, there will be a queue. I will be the last one to leave and I will make sure that all the useless people will have left the institution,” Endjala further stated. He pleaded with councillors to pull in one direction order to yield positive results at the end of the year. He further implored councillors to bring about a new perception of the region and to ensure activities at both the constituency and regional level are done transparently. “The hammer is now on the council. We can no longer continue in the same spirit, where we have some people lagging behind,” stated Endjala. Chairperson of the regional council Modestus Amutse pleaded with fellow councillors and the general public in Omusati Region to promote peace and unity in action, saying there is no room for finger pointing. He said as a country and as a region, much has already been achieved and called upon the council to be agents of change with a clear purpose and set goals. “With a focused precision on policy implementation in our Omusati Region, making use of honest cadres, we will continue to effect positive changes, even against the odds,” Amutse said.
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