• September 25th, 2018
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Rundu has big development plans


Rundu Rundu mayor Verna Sinimbo says the town council has big plans for this year and the years to come to bring development to the town. The plans include the upgrading of roads, the expansion of electricity in the newly proclaimed settlements around town, namely, Kaisosi, Kasote, Ndama and south of Sauyemwa, as well as to keep the town clean. The installation of streets lights along the Trans-Caprivi/Trans-Zambexi Highway will be among the projects to be implemented in the five-year strategic plan covering the period 2014 to 2019. “We plan to install street lights along the Trans-Caprivi/Trans-Zambezi Highway for at least 5.6 kilometres, at the point which passes through our town. People usually cross the road at night to go from one side of the highway to the other as there are residential areas on both sides,” the mayor informed New Era. The council also plans to electrify the light industrial area. “As per our vision of ‘A city of diverse opportunities and a centre of socio-economic excellence’ we intend to intensify efforts to provide reliable, highly developed and modern infrastructure to ensure availability of serviced land for high and sustainable economic growth,” added the mayor. This year council has devised a master plan for sewerage and water reticulation as well as the Rundu master action plan, which is to secure existing supply and facilities for the future. The council will be looking to construct sewerage reticulation, including a pump station, to serve 300 low-income erven. The council will also start upgrading its gravel roads to bitumen standard in Safari and Sauyemwa and upgrade and widen Eugen Kakukuru to make it a double lane from the traffic circle to the robots at Standard Bank to facilitate greater mobility, said the town mayor. “This is to reduce travel times and cost and improve accessibility as well as to meet current and expected future transport needs.” Maria Mwengere Avenue will be upgraded to a tarred road starting from where the tarred road ended in the past all the way to the junction of Rundu Unam campus. “It will depend on the available budget. The initial idea was to get it tarred up to the gate of the campus,” she said. Also in the council’s plans are the re-gravelling of several roads, including damaged roads. “The council will draw up a programme for community meetings to update the community on the programs, progress and challenges of the council. Furthermore, the tendering process will enjoy its primary purposes through the normal procedure and everyone is encouraged to tender when advertised. I encourage women to take a lead in the tendering process. It will create job opportunities for residents,” said Sinimbo.
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