• September 24th, 2018
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Remains exhumed to see if woman was beaten to death

Ongwediva Families and friends of a woman who was allegedly murdered by her lover in December were shocked to find her remains still intact when exhumed from her grave at Tsandi cemetery in Omusati Region last Wednesday. The corpse of the as yet unidentified woman, who was buried on New Year’s Eve, had to be exhumed on January 20, after the family of the man believed to be her murderer demanded proof of the alleged murder. Her relatives claim she was brutally beaten by her boyfriend, and that this led to her death. The incident allegedly took place in December at her corrugated iron shack in Ruacana where she and her Angolan boyfriend were cohabiting. Following the alleged assault she was rushed to Oshakati Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. Her boyfriend was subsequently arrested. The two have a daughter and, according to sources, the child revealed that her mother was kicked and beaten by the father. The woman’s family apparently decided to bury her without any post-mortem being conducted. However, the family of the murder suspect showed up recently demanding for answers and proof of the alleged assault that reportedly lead to her death. The sources further said the two families started arguing, causing the police to intervene. “Although he (the suspect) had no documents to prove his nationality his family from Angola showed up demanding proof that the deceased was really beaten,” said the source. The police had to exhume the body and conducted the post-mortem at the cemetery. The remains were then reburied that same day. It is understood that the family of the deceased insisted on burying the body of their relative before the post-mortem was conducted, as the authorities were taking too long to release the body, given that many doctors were on holiday at the time. The family said they also did not have enough food to feed all the mourners who had gathered for more than two weeks. Although Omusati regional police spokesperson Warrant Lineekela Shikongo confirmed the incident, he refused to shed more light, saying the matter is too sensitive. He said the case is still under the investigation, but the police will provide information once the investigations are completed. Shikongo confirmed that the post-mortem was conducted at the cemetery and that the corpse was reburied immediately. He declined though to provide personal details of both the deceased and the suspect, although the suspect has already appeared in Outapi Magistrate’s Court, where he was denied bail. Sources that knew the couple alleged that the two were in an abusive relationship and that the suspect had reportedly assaulted the deceased before, apparently causing her to lose a kidney. The woman’s family reportedly tried to separate the two, but the woman chose to live with her abusive lover until death separated them.
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