• September 25th, 2018
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Unique Fragrances strives to empower members

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Windhoek Elize Hango and her business partner, Nobule Hlophe, started Unique Fragrances about eight months ago and today they can boast with more than 100 members who buy their products wholesale, they say. These members then sell the products and recruit new members who can also make a handsome profit in what is better known as a network marketing operation. Hango feels this is one of the best ways to empower people to become financially independent. “We strive to create job opportunities for others and we offer the best compensation on the market,” said Hango while sitting in her office in Katutura. She explained that her business offers members four different types of compensation. This consists of profit received when reselling (as much as 50 percent profit on each product), monthly incentives for sales, seasonal and cash rewards, as well as once-off fast development incentives. “I have been involved in many different network marketing businesses and realised that all of these businesses are based in other countries. That is why we started this business in Namibia for Namibians,” said Hango. However, she explains when searching for local suppliers to start her business she was disappointed with no positive results. According to Hango, she now imports raw materials, such as A-grade perfumed oils, from France. At her base in Katutura she mixes the oils with a methanol (alcohol) solvent and mixes lotions and body washes to create more than 100 different products for the local market. “Our prices are quite reasonable because the products are manufactured locally,” said Hango. Narrating that it takes energy and planning to start a business, Hango said it is essential to compile strategies for others to benefit from the business: “Then you have to work out the capital requirements in order to secure suppliers, machinery and staff.” She estimates that she and her partner invested between N$200 000 and N$300 000 to start the business. Hango expects to expand the business this year due to what she says is a high demand for their products. “We hope to reach 500 members by the end of this year,” she concluded.
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