• September 24th, 2018
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Kuisebmond to host women’s entrepreneur expo

Walvis Bay The Face of Namibia beauty pageant organiser, Mary Ankonga, will host a women and upcoming entrepreneur expo in April this year. The expo will take place in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay and will be hosted to expose women to the available economic and employment opportunities in the country. According to Ankonga, the popular Face of Namibia pageant will not be hosted anymore due to the fact that she realised that women need more than a beauty pageant to become self-reliant and independent. “We changed the whole concept to focus our energy more on training and educating fellow Namibian women since issues such as unemployment, poverty and a lack of skills are of the various factors that often contribute to domestic violence and baby dumping,” she said. According to her the training will be in a variety of fields like hospitality, teaching, bricklaying, needlework and beauty treatments, while they will also be trained to deal with social evils such as baby dumping and domestic violence. She said they also want to use the expo as a platform to identify women that still need training and assistance. Women will be chosen from all 13 regions and will become part of a programme that will focus on helping them grow as business owners. “We also want the success of other women to educate and inspire those that will attend the expo. Women must start supporting each other and we can only do so when we inspire and encourage each other,” she explained .She added that the expo would be very interactive, as some of the successful businesswomen will share expertise and experience and also encourage others to become pioneers in poverty reduction. Ankongo said that 40 women have so far booked their spots at the expo and others that wish to do so can obtain application forms from Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Woerman Brock, Shop-for-Value and Largo Videos at Walvis Bay
2016-02-02 09:48:46 2 years ago
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