• September 25th, 2018
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Bushiri follower springs to his defence


Tsumeb A born-again resident of Tsumeb, Michael Uirab, has stepped in to defend the Malawian ‘prophet’ Shepherd Bushiri who has been the centre of talk and criticism from some quarters of the Namibian public who question his authenticity. Uirab lashed out at those that are against and doubting Bushari’s prophecies, saying they have no clue what they are talking about as Bushiri is the man for the season because the work he is doing is through “the true spirit of God”. There has been a firestorm of debate in social and mainstream media with some of the critics questioning Bushiri’s methods saying they seem out of sync with biblical teachings. “This is the season of the spirit where God has manifested himself into Bushiri, thus religious pastors must become born again so that they can be able to understand the spirit of God,” said Uirab who was one of those that travelled to Windhoek to attend Bushiri’s crusade on Friday. The Sam Nujoma Stadium where the crusade was held saw one of the largest such gatherings in an independent Namibia with the stadium filled to capacity and people travelling from other regions and even from neighbouring countries to come and witness the promised miracles. According to Uirab the term “season” means this is the time God has sent the prophet to deliver the people. Uirab maintained Bushiri did not come here because of money, as he is already a wealthy man. “Even that money which was received at the gala dinners is not for him, instead it will be given to orphanages, charities and towards the churches, specifically his branch which is in Windhoek. He is not doing it for himself, but God is using him to deliver to his children,” stressed Uirab. The day before the main event people paid N$1 000 for entrance to the welcoming dinner of the prophet while others forked out as much as N$100 000 to sit at Bushiri’s main table with some people estimating Bushiri’s crusade generated at least N$5 million. Uirab further maintained that miracles happened, alluding to the rain that fell on the night of the crusade as a spiritual anointment. “I have been informed that one of the people I know received an amount of N$21 000 the day after the crusade, and those are the things we talk about when I say he came to deliver us,” stressed Uirab. When asked where they money came from he said the N$21 000 is one of the miracles though New Era could not verify the veracity of this claim about the N$21 000.
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