• September 19th, 2018
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Resource parity distribution could boost school results

Outapi Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) secretary for education Simeon Haihambo said a lot needs to be done to improve the national examination results. In a recent interview Haihambo said one of the top priorities is to equally distribute educational resources to all schools countrywide. Apart from the equal resource distribution at schools, Haihambo said he also wants to see a situation where best performing regions share recipes of success with the poor performing regions. The Grade 12 examinations witnessed a 10 percent decline in learners qualifying for tertiary admission. Haihambo is also appealing to the National External Evaluators to conduct school visits and coach teachers. He reckons coaching will help teachers understand their schemes of work and syllabi. “Sometimes you would think you are excelling but meanwhile you are not teaching the required content and similarly so not addressing basic competence,” said Haihambo. Barely a year in office, Haihambo said his office is determined to assist in improving national results countrywide. His office would initiate a national stakeholders meeting to address the challenges facing the education system. From the proposed meeting, an implementation framework will be crafted to ensure that the proposed interventions from the national stakeholders meeting are realised. Haihambo said he wants regional career guidance to be held through his office. Although there are already career guidance activities in the region, Haihambo reckons that his office can get involved in getting career guidance exhibitors to guide the learners.
2016-02-05 10:22:27 2 years ago
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