• September 24th, 2018
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Zika virus cannot be underestimated

How much are we prepared for the rapid explosive spread of the Zika virus? I think about the rough, vulnerable and sensitive regions of my continent, Africa. How attentive are we to health issues of the world? The poorest area I can think of right now is our household, my community, my country and my continent. I had Malaria growing up with no brain damage. My mother did not know of the Zika virus that may cause defects on my siblings. All she knew is that Malaria causes high fever, skin rash and red eyes. Well so does the Zika virus. Zika Virus is in South-America today but might be in Namibia (Africa) the next morning. This puts me in the same situation I was when my father passed away because of the Ebola virus. I had to mourn my uncle and his wife that died from the deadliest virus. The only awareness that rang the bell was this death of people I looked up to. This brings rhetorical queries in my heart. What have my pastor, teacher, doctor, minister and my president done so far to create awareness as far as the Zika virus that is spreading across the globe? Awareness is important. The Zika virus is much more comparable to the Ebola virus if spread to Africa. This could threaten the future of the human race. Illarius George Shiyepo, Russia
2016-02-05 10:41:13 2 years ago
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