• September 23rd, 2018
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Infrastructure development and job creation top priorities for Oshikoto

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Tsumeb The Oshikoto Governor Henock Kankoshi has pointed out the upgrading of infrastructure and job creation as top priorities needing urgent implementation to see the region develop. He noted that roads would be upgraded soon, as the region is marred with sand roads and thus it’s difficult to reach remote areas which are at times only accessible when using a 4x4. “Lack of road infrastructure is one of the serious challenges we are faced with – that’s why we urgently need to upgrade the roads, also to attract investors to our region. For instance now we are constructing Nehale Lyampingana constituency office at Omboto, but it is difficult to reach the area because of too much sand,” said Kankoshi. He added that the lack of MTC network towers is another pertinent issue that will be addressed as some parts of the region are totally cut out of the signal. “So this issue will also be resolved.” Kankoshi reiterated that the regional council can only be classified as effective and efficient if its activities and operations are in compliance with the principles of democratic good governance. “I would like all of us to be pro-active and forward thinkers by focusing more on industrialization, job creation to eradicate poverty and infrastructure development,” said Kankoshi Urging his subordinates to use peace and stability that is being enjoyed in the country to attract investors, he noted that he foresees a textile factory being operational in the region soon, which he says will immensely boost employment and reduce poverty. He however could not state how much funds will be injected in all the developments.
2016-02-10 10:40:35 2 years ago
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