• September 19th, 2018
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Kankoshi applauds Oshikoto for academic excellence


Tsumeb Schools in the Oshikoto Region have been among the best-performing schools countrywide in the Grade 10 and 12 National Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary level examinations and Oshikoto Regional Governor Henock Kankoshi has expressed joy over the region’s exceptional performance in the educational sector, in which Oshikoto maintained its leading position over the past six years. Schools, such as Rev Juuso Shikongo SS, Oshigambo High School, Uukule SS, Heroes PS, Onamulunga CS, Nehale SS and Emanya JS produced 100 percent pass rates. “I’m delighted to inform you that I’m satisfied with the progress that has been made and that continues to be made through our Directorate of Education, under the dynamic leadership of Mr Lamek Kafidi and his team, the entire staff and all the stakeholders in the region. “Thank you for your relentless efforts towards the attainment of the success in education in our region,” said Konkoshi at the opening of the 2016 academic year in Tsumeb. He said such more could be done if all key stakeholders are inspired by the spirit of Harambee – meaning to pull together in the same direction. “If we all do our utmost best to assist our learners and students by motivating and encouraging them, not only to attend classes, but to be active participants and try to learn something new every day, such efforts will be doubled,” he said. He commended parents and guardians for providing the necessary support and assistance to their children and grandchildren, while at the same time supporting schools in their efforts to educate the learners through taking full responsibility for the upbringing of their children. Parents were urged to set good examples for the learners so that the youth acquire a sense of responsibility that will guide them to become responsible citizens. He urged the learners to take their studies very seriously; to try to learn something new every day; to respect authority; to have a sense of civic responsibility that will enable them to work and study independently and with others; and to cultivate a sense of purpose, passion and pride. He implored the teachers to promote and encourage teamwork, enterprise, innovation and creativity amongst learners, and to ensure the learning environment is conducive to nurturing growth and learning for both staff and students. Kankoshi further told directors and educational officers to work with relevant government agencies and non-governmental organisations, as partners in education, in order to formulate effective programmes, good practices and internships.
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