• September 19th, 2018
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Fierce storm damages graves


Omundaungilo The storm that struck several areas of the north recently left several graves at Omundaungilo in a shambles, while two churches in Eenhana Constituency were extensively damaged as well. About 250 people were left destitute following the heavy rains brought on by the thunderstorm and floodwater from neighbouring Angola. Reverend Sakaria Nekongo of the ELCIN church in Omundaungilo told New Era on Monday that the storm blew off the roofing of the church guesthouse, while several tombstones in the local graveyard were overturned. “The storm was huge, it uprooted very big and strong trees.  The trees fell on the graves, that is how the some of the gravestones were damaged,” narrated Nekongo. However Nekongo said that despite the damage the church was content that no fatalities were recorded. “There was a person in one of the guest rooms because they are being rented out, however that particular room was left intact although the other rooms’ roofs were blown off,” said a source. The constituency councillor of Omundaungilo, Festus Ikanda, said his office has so far received reports of seven homes that were extensively damaged by the storm. A new school that was recently constructed also suffered damage. Ikanda said the areas that were hit in the constituency were Omadano, Omundaungilo, Onakalunga and Eemphito. He appealed to constituency members who are severely affected to contact his office. Ikanda said that his office was not promising assistance, but that where assistance will be needed his office will try to get help for the struggling people.  
2016-02-17 09:58:44 2 years ago
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