• September 19th, 2018
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Taking the word of God to the people

Special Focus, National
Special Focus, National

Keetmanshoop Mainly visible in the streets of Windhoek with his wooden cross, Evangelist Martin Esterhuizen has decided to bring the word of God to Keetmanshoop, which is the capital of //Karas Region in the arid south. The roving preacher, known for moving from town to town to preach the word of God, is on another gospel mission. He arrived in town yesterday and immediately started preaching. Briefly speaking to New Era about his journey, he said that it is by the will of God that he is in the southern town to preach to the town’s residents. He said that before he sets off on a new mission and new town, he first prays to God to ask where he should head to and God gives him the right direction where people need to hear the word. His focus when preaching in the south will be on alcohol abuse, rape, crime and other social evils. He said that alcohol abuse is the main cause of all evils in society. “If we can stop drinking and follow God then there will be a big difference in our society,” he said. Now is the time for people to stand up and follow the Lord, he said, adding that the Bible says “we need to take up our crosses and follow Jesus – so people should do so”. Esterhuizen reminded fellow Namibians that Jesus is not hanging on the cross anymore but has risen and is in heaven. He says eople should be ready to receive him when he comes to earth one day. Carrying his wooden cross with biblical verses engraved on it through the town’s main streets, curious onlookers could not take their eyes off him, but it was business as usual for the man also known as the bicycle preacher. He said on top of preaching at the town’s malls, he will also take the word of God to police cells and will feature on a local radio station as well. Esterhuizen says his journey started in 2011 when he asked God what he could do with his life and the Lord commanded him to go around and spread the gospel, and he has never looked back since. Born in Keetmanshoop, the 53-year-old father of three now resides in Windhoek. He has travelled to different towns including Lüderitz, Walvis Bay, Otjiwarongo and Gobabis on his mission to spread the gospel.
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