• September 22nd, 2018
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Song Night to kick off on Wednesday

Special Focus, Entertainment
Special Focus, Entertainment

Song Night is back to put fresh blood into the musical veins of Namibia. To support and inspire the very new singers who auditioned earlier this month, Song Night is featuring juicy Priscilla ‘The Namibian Dessert Queen’, veteran performer George Longane and the moving band Savannah Afros on Wednesday at the Warehouse Theatre. Coinciding with the Love Yourself Campaign that was started in 2016 by Priscilla - the theme latches onto her powerful movement motivating self-worth, confidence and hard work. Also celebrating a milestone is Savannah Afros who was recently mentioned in the African Independent newspaper as having their first live gig in Windhoek on the stage of Song Night in February last year. Song Night founder and director Lize Ehlers says she is very proud of what singers and performers do after they go through the Song Night experience. “We are always there to support new singers/songwriters, but how much they push themselves outside Song Night is absolutely up to them. There is passion in music. There is work in music. Song Night promises a great showcase of talent, hunger and support,” she said. Upcoming artists that will grace the stage include sexy RnB voice Dean-Noah, husky-fresh Mhudi, vocal delight Danielle, soul mamma Elsabe, feisty Riundja, the giant voiced Tresia and the known and loved Miss H performing with Enchante. The event is supported by the FNB Foundation through RMB, dB Audio, HEC Productions, Warehouse Theatre, 99 FM and Melisa Poulton. The show starts at 20h00 and the entrance fee is N$50 at the door. Song
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