• September 23rd, 2018
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Oshakati to formalise Evululuko

Oshakati Businesses along the Oshakati main road at Evululuko informal settlement are expected to pave the way for development when the area is proclaimed a business area. Currently the area is flooded with unregistered small businesses that previously acquired land from a headman. The area in question stretches from Continental Traffic Lights to a hotel. The revelation about the new plan was made at a business breakfast meeting held last Friday. Head of Planning and Properties at Oshakati Town Council Onesmus Shilunga said the formalisation of the area has been long in coming but the council will not compel current residents to relocate. He said not everyone in the area would be affected by the development. He however stressed that residents who decide to stay at the area will have to obtain land from the council. Residents who cannot afford to obtain land from council will be relocated to other residential areas of the town. Oshakati Town Council Public Relations Officer Jackson Muma said the people who are currently residing along the main road at Evululuko only own structures, but do not own the land. “We want people to have ownership of the land from which they are operating. Currently the land there is not registered in their names,” stated Shilunga. As for now, he says, the area is not suitable for servicing because there was initially no proper planning and the services that are currently there are corkscrew. A feasibility study has already been conducted and council has commenced with engaging the affected communities to map the way forward. “We have already met with the concerned people about three to four times. Negotiations in this process are very crucial because you would find that there are two to three people on one plot so it is only right to sit with the concerned people to derive an amicable solution,” stated Muma. Shilunga said the development was received with mixed feelings by concerned residents. “It is normal where development is concerned. Some people understand the need for development and others not,” said Shilunga. Another area of concern in Oshakati is the dilapidated roads which will also need to be rehabilitated.
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