• September 25th, 2018
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Omuthiya to get dual carriageway


Omuthiya The Omuthiya main road will soon be upgraded to a dual carriageway, extending through Ondangwa up to Ongwediva to ease traffic flow as well as reduce accidents. The construction of the 142km dual carriageway was scheduled to commence during this financial year, but it will not start due to incomplete detailed road design and the process is expected to be completed by July. At this point the cost of construction was not yet determined pending finalisation of the detailed design. The CEO of the Roads Authority (RA) Conrad Lutombi said the project was supposed to begin during this financial year but it would not as there are some delays in completing the detailed design of the road. “At the moment we have completed the detailed design from Omuthiya to Ondangwa, and right now we are busy with Ondangwa to Oshakati. We foresee this process going until the end of July, thus it will be late, which is why we shifted the project to the 2017/18 financial year,” said Lutombi. Only when the process is completed will they know the costs of the planned construction. “After we have completed the process and determined the value and cost will we advertise the tender,” said Lutombi. Other projects in the pipeline are the upgrading of the Ngoma-Miyako road in the Zambezi, the upgrading of the 43km DR1235, Du Plessis Plaas-Epukiro Post 3 in Omaheke, Opuwo-Epupa and Opuwo-Seisfontein road in Kunene, Grootfontein-Tsumkwe, Okakarara-Okandjatu and the Windhoek-Rehoboth dual road carriageway. Such developments were welcomed by the Oshikoto regional governor, Henock Kankoshi, who stated that the new development would greatly minimise road accidents in the region, as well as enhance the free flow of products and goods. Nearly two weeks ago, a horrific accident happened on the Omuthiya-Ondangwa road claiming 15 lives, when a truck and minibus collided head on and burst into flames. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This photo for illustration purposes shows a dual carriageway.
2016-02-25 10:02:00 2 years ago
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