• September 20th, 2018
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Where do you chill?

Not everybody needs to know who you are and where you chill. As an Entertainer, one precious commodity you have is coming to a spot and nobody knows you. I can already see wanna-be-famous disagreeing with me on this. Look at it this way. You can actually have a drink or two in peace without having to worry of someone will take a picture of you at an awkward time and share it on social media. But how does one really know that nobody knows you or recognises you? I mean you are an Entertainer. You have been on TV, radio and in newspapers! What is that age-old saying? You never know whose watching? Do you now get why I say coming to a spot and not being recognised is actually a commodity? Entertainers are human beings. Men and women just like me and you. Every once in a while a radio presenter would want to go to a bar with close friends and enjoy the scene without being recognised by a listener and coerced into radio conversations. Every once in a while a musician would want to go to a church and receive blessings without somebody tweeting about your apparently “born again” now. Mbwae, really? An entertainer also want to do ordinary things such as driving their kids to school without some silly rumor that alleges you driving a kamborotos kid to school. Now before wanna-be-famous people throw me to Makutsie and his boys to suffer the same fate as Chris Paul did when some hip hopers ambushed him at the then GMP officers, I want to make it clear that Entertainers are as much mothers, fathers, uncles, brothers and sisters as you! We all know that living a public life which you choose freely once you get into Entertainment can be extremely daunting. Hence I ask, where do you chill? Why are there always rumours about you? Why is it that you are the only one that tends to get victimised? I am all for YOLO (You Only Live Once) and LYL (Live Your Life) but sometimes as an Entertainer one needs to have restraint over your movements. Imagine you find Oteya sipping Overmeer in BnG (Kuisebmund)? Or you find Bertholdnt in Number 5(Nama Lokasie) with a punya punya? That is just really screaming for it! Mapetla and his boys will have a field day making up all the stories in the world about your apparent demise! Am all for getting in touch with your fans and all but you can’t be there socially. Go there, perform and get the heck out of there! Chill at spots that fit your brand. If your brand is that of Number 5 or BnG, than HECK yeah! Mara if it is not, don’t do it!   Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM   Song of the week: Quado Boy: Kamali Flop of the week: Mr Beach, please stick to teaching sir.   Need an MC? Contact NSK for a quote at naobebsekind@gmail.com    
2016-02-26 12:04:21 2 years ago
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