• September 25th, 2018
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Nakathila ready to conquer the world

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Windhoek Namibia’s undefeated and one of the best junior lightweight boxers, Jeremiah ‘No Respect’ Nakathila, might not be a world champion yet, but he is a highly determined man ready to conquer the world. According to promoter Nestor Tobias all boxers in Nakathila’s division have refused to get in the ring with him, because he is a dangerous puncher and thus Tobias does not blame anyone for avoiding him at all costs. “Even those who call themselves champions refuse to face him”, says Tobias. “The boy has a big heart. He is skillful, powerful and has incredible power and most importantly he is hungry for success and committed to the sport of boxing. We have been monitoring his progress and he is definitely a prospect for the future and, yes, we have big plans for him, like we have for every boxer in our academy.” Jeremiah turned professional in 2013 and is still undefeated after nine fights. “I’ve been grooming him and waiting for the right time to allow him to explode and we feel that the time is now right for him.” In his last three fights, he sent a stern warning to his doubters when he defeated equally good boxers, such Wilson Masamba - who gave Albinus ‘Danny Boy’ Felesianu hell in their last fight - but it took only 35 seconds for Jeremiah to knock him out. Nakathila has also defeated the likes of Paul Magxicani and Immanuel Andreki. Jeremiah’s great maturity and boxing ability shows that he’s a world-class fighter in the making, blessed with a strong chin and big heart. “The heart makes a boxer, it’s a natural thing. No promoter, manager, coach or fan can make a boxer unless he has a big heart for boxing, that’s the only way he can make it on the bigger stage. Most athletes fail because they don’t have the heart,” the renowned boxing promoter explained. “We’re planning his next fight against a top opponent on March 26. The main bout will be Julius ‘Blue Machine’ Indongo in defense of his WBO Africa Junior Welterweight title”, Tobias said.
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