• September 19th, 2018
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Meatco unveils N$4m project


Windhoek Meatco has again raised the bar on the important issue of health care services for its workforce in the Windhoek factory and for farm workers in 11 regions. Last Friday it launched its Comprehensive Health Management Services and Outreach Project worth more than N$4 million. With the extensive programme Meatco also set new standards for health care in the workplace after the cinic on its Windhoek premises was upgraded in line with the Ministry of Health and Social Services’ compliance requirements. The maintenance work on the clinic has been completed and it is now open to provide primary health care services to factory workers. To date the clinic has acquired a certificate that allows it to operate as a health facility as stipulated by the Hospital and Health Facilities Act. The Minister of Health and Social Services Dr Bernard Haifiku says the health of the Namibian population is of strategic focus. “Farm workers and their families often have to travel long distances for basic care and currently Meatco’s supply chain consists of 4 817 farms spread over 11 regions,” he noted when praising Meatco for its new health programme that wil reach out to all corners of the country. Integrated Workplace Health Management Solution (OCSA TM360) MIS software was acquired and installed. The system integrates different components of the clinic and occupational health that includes company workplace health and wellness programmes. The system is also used for medicine and stock registers, scheduling of risk-based medical surveillance and management reporting. The additional equipment acquired includes audiometry, spirometry and vision testing equipment and a medical dispensing fridge. The clinic currently serves an average of 30 patients per day and about 150 per week. The limitation is due to the system upgrade and setting up the system to efficiently serve workers. A physician has been contracted to visit the clinic once a week for employee diagnoses and medical check-ups that the nurse cannot attend to, as well as for referrals. The clinic has also gone through the safe care initial assessment and was awarded Level 1 as per basic health care standards. Several assessments will be conducted that will ensure upgrading the clinic’s standards. The clinic now offers food handlers’ medicals, occupational health care services, wellness management, integrated health management solution systems and an outreach programme. “Meatco understands the effect that individual health and wellness have on a business. We therefore are compelled to support and give direction in making the choices that build a healthy workplace. Meatco relies on healthy, motivated employees who are productive at work and who have a sense of well-being. We have a cause to celebrate progress in this regard,” says Meatco CEO Advocate Vekuii Rukoro. The company also aims to develop and pilot interventions to widen service provision to dependants of the Meatco Windhoek factory staff and to establish a comprehensive management and support system that supports strategic management decision-making and reporting to external stakeholders on health care services.
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