• September 24th, 2018
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Vulnerable children welcome centre

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Windhoek The vulnerable children in the Ndama informal settlement  on the outskirts of  Rundu, south west,  has welcomed the multi-purpose centre, Wisdom, which opened its doors to them recently. Some of the children who are attending morning classes at the centre and for whom it provides meals say they cherish it because it’s saving them long distances to school every day and they are no longer sleeping on empty stomachs. Sikerete Robert Mupili (10), says he is very happy to eat at the centre everyday which was never the case before the centre opened.  “We [are] also taught about Bible studies before we eat, we are learning how to pray, how to stay friendly and we learn lots of poems and got encouraged to study hard and become successful in our lives in order to help our parents who are not working,” says Mupili. Sikerete Nicolas Mangundu (10) says they are learning more about HIV and AIDS every day, how to be neat and he enjoys playing with other kids. “I am going to do the same center when I become successful. Eating for free is very rare especially being fed by the person who is not even your relative,” appreciates Mangudu. Muzumba Judith (6) says she like going to the centre to learn and play with her classmates. “I mostly like learning English. I like my teachers. They are so kind and I am happy to learn about new things like my body parts in English. I am also happy that I don’t travel long distance to go to school and I am having a dream of becoming a teacher,” says Muzumba.  Ingashipola Junior Paulus (6) wants to become a medical doctor adding that he is learning a lot from the centre especially on how to keep up with their dreams as youngsters. The centre was opened this year by the reigning Miss Namibia Educational Ambassador, Loide Katjuskah (24) as one of her projects after winning the title in Oshikango last year. It currently feeds 67 children seven days a week, while 50 of them attend classes from Monday to Friday. Currently it has two teachers.
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