• September 19th, 2018
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Chilumbu fined N$20 000 for possessing diamonds

Rundu Isack Martin Ngunga Chilumbu, 26, from Sauyemwa in Rundu was sentenced yesterday in the Rundu Regional Court to pay a fine of N$20 000, or alternatively spend a year in prison, for possession of uncut diamonds. Chilumbu was arrested after he was found in possession of diamonds in Rundu on March 23, 2013 when he was just 23-years-old. The diamonds found in his possession were valued at N$81 000. On November 5 last year Chilumbu pleaded not guilty to the charge, but on Thursday was found guilty of contravening the Diamond Act of 1999. After he was fined N$20 000 or a year in prison the court informed him of his right to appeal the sentence. Chilumbu appeared before Rundu Regional Court Magistrate Bongani Ndlovhu, while Regional Court Prosecutor Albert Titus represented the State. Chilumbu was represented by defence lawyer Leon Kabajani.
2016-03-03 09:47:04 2 years ago
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