• November 17th, 2018
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Meet the new 7-Series beast


The long awaited BMW 7-Series has arrived at Danric Auto showroom and it is a vehicle that has the town talking, more so for its ability to park itself, among other new advanced technological functions. The new 7-Series is available in various models starting with the fuel efficient 730d, which has power output of 195 kW and maximum torque of 620 Nm. The 750Li and 750i both which have maximum power output of 330 kW and maximum torque of 650 Nm, and the 740i model which has maximum power output of 240 kW and maximum torque of 450 Nm. Then there is the M Sport model that distincts itself from other 7-Series by its extremely powerful appearance with sporty design that includes aerodynamic package of front apron, side skirts and rear apron with diffuser insert in dark shadow metallic, 19 inch allow wheels or 20 inch alloy wheels, and a sport exhaust system with distinct sound characteristics. The new 7-Series boasts the world’s most advanced automotive lighting technology to date, with its headlight having a high beam range that extends to 600m, which is 300m further than the conventional LED headlights, for total visual acuity. Further, the headlight technology has been redefined by the optional BMW Laserlight that delivers impressive light distribution for remarkable visibility. Another innovative technology on the new BMW 7 Series is the remote control parking functions, which is an option that a buyer can choose to purchase with the vehicle. The remote control parking function allows the driver to exit the car easily before using a remote control to manoeuvre it forwards into or backwards out of a narrow space or garage. The remote parking function is activated by the driver once outside the car, with the aid of the BMW Display Key. The complete parking process is monitored by the Park Distance Control (PDC), the Park Assist and the Surround-view sensors. In order to use the Remote Control Parking, the vehicle must be straight and centred, facing the parking space or garage. During the parking process the driver can bring the vehicle to a controlled stop as necessary. Once the car is parked, the engine is switched off using a key, which also re-starts the engine when the driver returns to the car. The remote control parking function reverses the vehicle straight out of a parking space of its own accord. The other fancy function in the new BMW 7-series is the hand or finger gesture control that allows the driver to control volume, accept or reject phone calls, and other aspects on the display monitor by motions of fingers. For the privilege of all these new features, the price of the new 7-Series starts at N$1,36 million for the standard entry model 730d version and tops at N$1,89 million for the standard entry model 750Li version. Then there is the ‘Exterior design Pure Excellence’ model version where price starts at N$1,37 million for the 730d and tops at N$1,91 million for the 750Li. For the M Sport Model price starts at N$ 1,4 million for the 730d and tops at N$1,93 million for the 750Li model. Price for the Individual Model begins at N$1,57 million for the 730d and tops at N$2,08 million for the 750Li. As Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group, said, the new BMW 7 Series is indeed “made for customers with high expectations. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a high-quality design, this model creates a perfect union between self-assured presence and contemporary luxury.” Inside-BMW-7-Series BMW-7-Rear
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