• September 25th, 2018
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//Ae //Gams festival to start end of  March

  Windhoek The annual //Ae //Gams Arts and Cultural Festival will take place from 29 March to 2 April. The mayor of Windhoek, Muesee Kazapua, said last Thursday at the Windhoek Municipality meeting. The mayor said that Windhoek is home to people from all over the world, who brought with them different lifestyles, traditions, art and cuisines. The festival will be celebrated under the motto “Diverse Cultures – One Vision” and will look at issues concerning everyday life in the city. Kazapua added that “our cultural composition as residents makes Windhoek a cultural centre with a fusion of lifestyles, ideals, languages and influences”. Residents should look forward to the mayoral official opening, a first of its kind with a traditional fashion show fused with musicians on the runway. /Ae//Gams is the indigenous name for Windhoek, which means "hot springs". The chief aim of the festival is to bring together all Namibian people and all residents of the city onto a vehicle to enhance the Namibian identity and blend it with other cultures as a means of cultural expression. The festival is open to all residents of the City of including visitors, tourists and indeed Namibians from all walks of life.
2016-03-04 12:09:23 2 years ago
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