• April 25th, 2019
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D-jay working on latest album

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek Local Hip-Hop artist, D-jay, real name Diogene Ochs, is currently working on releasing his 20-track album, Champion, which he plans to sell a thousand copies thereof in the first week after its release. “I know I can. I just want to get the right sponsors that will help with the marketing and distribution because I want to launch right away. I don’t want to do something cheap just to qualify for the awards,” he determines. The artist was arrested in the early hours of last Sunday and taken in for questioning at the Wanaheda police station in Katutura but later released without charge. He was accused of kidnapping an underage girl. D-jay confirmed to know the girl but had nothing to do with her disappearance. This was later confirmed by the girl herself after she was found by the police and also taken to the station. “Being accused for something like kidnapping or sleeping worst thing that’s ever happened to me,” says the overwhelmed rapper. The recalling the experience, the rapper says being arrested and possibility of being jailed for a long time for something he did not do troubled him and he has learned  to be very careful around people he gets in contact with. “Not everybody wants to see people making it. Sometimes being humble and kind will get you into a lot of trouble. People will do anything they can to keep you down. I guess I will go back to being hard-headed and more careful with people around me,” says D-Jay, adding that he forgave the parents of the girl. “I know the girl because she is from my hood but I’m a deep Christian, I forgive easily and I don’t blame the parents for being worried about their child. It’s normal. I guess any parent will freak-out if their 13 year-old disappears,” saysD-jay. The rapper  is an award winning Namibian Hip-Hop artist, who brought us the hits Girl Like MineListen to Your Heart and Champion.  D-Jay has thus far released two studio albums titled Game Over (2009) under GMP and Favourite Rapper (2010) under Izinyoka Entertainment.
New Era Reporter
2016-03-04 12:11:42 3 years ago

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