• September 22nd, 2018
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MoKaZaLu Ma, Shiva, the stars Under the Night

Time Out
Time Out

WINDHOEK Lize Ehlers & Darius Brandenburg, also known as MoKaZaLu Ma & Shiva continue the „Night Under The Stars“-concert series tonight  at 19h00 in the courtyard of the Goethe-Institute. This is the Namibian premiere of the new duo.  They are promising a sound one can call Afro-Galactic House Ambient Beats & live Chant & Mbira & Percussion. The supporting act is the duo Enchanté and Miss H. The concert kicks off at 19h00 and entrance is N$20. MoKaZaLu Ma was born and raised in Tsaraxa-Aibes. Having  travelled the world she now lives in /Ae //Gams. MoKaZaLu Ma is a vocal flame on fire. Chanting Wolf Woman or Pink Glitter Fox. M - Ma or MoKaZaLu Ma inspires freedom from fear through sound. Sounds escape her that come from a time way before and a place yet to be explored. Shiva Child was Born in Detroit but raised in Atlanta, lived in Berlin and is now in Namibia. Shiva Child moulds music as he plays in his jungle gym of sounds. A producer and performer, Shiva Child says: “Let’s look/listen to our sonic past, how it relates to our present music and influences future grooves.”With hundreds of tracks on Soundcloud and Bandcamp as 10 Foot Ballerina – Shiva Child is on fire. Throw a snake at him; he will put it around his neck and wear it as a jewellery. “ Windhoek is filled with dynamic, creative, urban people - people who crave to move to and be moved by interesting, heartfelt sounds and rhythms that talk about our lives. We are caught between living like we die tomorrow and having to live to create a future. This piece explores the quiet in our still and the loud of our scream. We celebrate the sound of the sun rising and the rhythm of the hunger in our bellies. In this production we celebrate the sound of our responsibilities and the rhythm of freedom and peace - a circle that various Windhoekers find themselves in. We wish to motivate: getting up and moving forward,” says the duo whose music production called “The Sounds That Get Us Up, The Rhythms That Get Us Moving!” MoKaZaLu Ma & Shiva Child are exploring “The Sounds That Get Us Up, The Rhythms That Get Us Moving in a fluid yet structured, ancestral yet modern piece combining pre-produced beats with multiple live vocal looping & live Mbira & Percussion.” Darius
2016-03-04 12:00:49 2 years ago
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