• September 18th, 2018
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Query: Mr President, allow the veterans to get their N$200 000 in cash, because the projects programme is very slow and most of the veterans are close to retirement age. They will not have energy to run projects. Response: Section 36 (1) of the Veterans Act of 2008 stipulates; “Any registered veteran who wishes to obtain funding for a project must, in the prescribed form and manner, apply for such funding from the fund.” The Act further states that Veterans Affairs can assist a veteran with project funding at an amount up to a maximum of not more than N$200 000 per project.” Simply put, the above section indicates that starting a project is an option that every registered veteran can exercise and is not an entitlement, like the lump sum. The aim of the government is to assist veterans to initiate projects to ensure that veterans are integrated into the socio-economic development of the country by generating income to uplift their living standards and that of their immediate families, hence projects are procured by Veterans Affairs, based on the applicants’ indication of what is to be procured for the successful implementation of that specific project and is not paid in cash. Those veterans that are not confident enough to come up with business proposals for their projects due for whatever reason are being invited to approach Veterans Affairs and regional offices to be assisted in the drafting of their business proposals. In addition, Veterans Affairs has developed a business plan guideline, which can assist all interested veterans in developing a comprehensive business plan. These business plan guidelines are available at all Veterans Affairs regional offices countrywide. Projects should therefore be seen as businesses that are meant to assist the country through the involvement of the veterans in the alleviation of poverty and reduction of unemployment for the prosperity of the all-inclusive Namibian House. Lastly, through running of their own businesses, veterans will have an opportunity to expand their businesses, thereby increasing their profits and wealth and have the opportunity to determine their own destiny. Edson Haufiku, senior public relations officer at the Ministry of Veterans Affairs: Office of the Vice President. Email: edson.haufiku@mova.gov.na * The responses above are provided in response to questions and comments published in the local press, as well as raised directly with the government agencies concerned.
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