• September 25th, 2018
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Oniipa to have potable water, electricity - Gwena


Omuthiya Residents of Oniipa Constituency in the Oshikoto Region could soon have potable tap water and household electricity – if and when the regional council approves the request. It is anticipated that the planned water pipeline will cost at least N$250 000 and will stretch about two to three kilometres, while the cost of the power grid are still being deliberated. This is according to Constituency Councillor Jerry Gwena, who said - if the budget allows - all these developments could soon become a reality. “The only problem is the amount of money we receive, because it is not enough and that is how the pace of development is determined. But if the budget will be enough then I can assure you that we will speed up these developments. So, we are just waiting for the regional council for approval,” Gwena said. Only 64 percent of households in the area currently have access to clean running water. Gwena further pointed to the lack of roads in the constituency as a major problem, as the area is situated in water pans that make it difficult for teachers and children to reach schools, particularly during the rainy season. “There are no proper roads. The only roads they are using are from Ondangwa to Oshikango and from Onadjokwe to Eenhana, which take very long for them to reach their destinations. That’s why we want more roads. We need more roads as soon as possible to shorten the distances,” he said. He further noted that another clinic is urgently needed in the area, as there are only two clinics in the area at present, situated some 20 km apart. Gwena said these projects would require millions to execute and appealed to central government to avail sufficient funding for the envisioned projects.
2016-03-08 09:07:54 2 years ago
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