• September 24th, 2018
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Ashipala set on promoting Ongenga Expo

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Windhoek Miss Ongenga Pakkala Ashipala is calling on all youth, the general public, prosperous magnates, non-governmental organisations, government ministries and the international community to extend their spirit of Ubuntu by generously assisting in promoting the Ongenga Expo. Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, donated four hectares of land to the Ongenga Expo last year. “We plan on developing the land and making it our permanent venue for the Ongenga Expo, since in the past we have been renting land to host our expo. Our plan is to fence our land then build a hall for the expo this year,” says Ashipala. She was crowned Miss Ongenga in 2014. Last year she was promoted from being Miss Ongenga to be Perpetual Miss Ongenga by the founder of Ongenga Expo, Kondja Josua. “I thought last year I would just win the crown of Miss Ongenga 2015 and move on, but three days before the event, the founder of the expo promoted me to be the permanent Miss Ongenga. I will be crowning the temporary Miss Ongenga every year, who will act as my deputy in making my dreams come true,” she says. She will be the honorary Miss Ongenga Expo for five years. Ashipala’s dream is to build the Ongenga Expo and for her Ongenga territory to have developed into a town by the year 2030. “Even if by 2030 Ongenga is just an infant town, a small territory with a town council, I will be very happy,” she says, adding that they cannot do this alone. Assistance can be in any form such as money, bricks and cements. More information can be obtained by calling her on 081-3132525 or 081-2342732.
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